Whether you’re into the Street, Show or Racing Scenes, for maximum performance, Intake & Head Porting from Rich’s Taylor'd Porting puts the “Power” in powersports.

Shortly after I became hooked on bikes (in the lates 1960's), I also became an Automotive performance enthusiast. I attended Automotive Trade school to learn and apply performance enhancing theory to building high-performance engines.

I worked as a high-performance mechanic at Tuckers GM Performance center in Las Vegas for 24 years. All the while, I kept my hands on the grinder, working onbikes, watercraft, ATV, snowmible and automotive cylinder heads.

I have been involved in just about every angle of high-performance there is. I am highly experienced in the dying art of carburetor tuning for small engines as well as automotive, single and multiple carbs both naturally aspirated and Super charged. My passion is for 2-Stroke engines and vintage motorcycles of all makes. I personally collect and restore Hodakas and haul them with a 500 horsepower small block, 1973 chevy truck.

Over the years, I have accumulated porting specs from all sorts of sources like factory racing directives, practical experience, and the one-on-one training by Harry Taylor, a renowned factory Hodaka technician and racer. You might say I'm a bit of a vintage freak and sympathetic to the needs of vintage bike owners like yourselves.

Rich’s Taylor'd Porting offers all-inclusive porting packages for all types of 2-stroke engines used in dirt bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Watercraft and Shifter Karts. I do all the porting myself. I have worked with porting tools since the 1970s, porting countless cylinders and cases. All the 2-stroke porting work I perform is complete porting and polishing, tailored to your specific needs.

I have made my reputation on porting to the individual needs and specifications of my customers. I perform all the work myself, no illegal aliens, space aliens, or third world slave labor. It’s just Good'ol, middle-aged, American labor from one of the most experienced tuners in the business, whom still actually rides motocross, dirt bikes and ATV’s.

Heli arc aluminum welding is also a service I offer. This includes Aluminum Head and Intake Manifold repair services and/or what ever kind of welding needs you have. Call to discuss your needs.

Intake Manifold with Custom Welding and Porting

Quadrajet carburators can be modified with a bore increase as well as custom jetting, specific to your application

383 Stroker Motor (.30 over 350) with 480+ HP

385 Stroker Motor (.40 over 350) with 600+ HP

Automotive Intake Porting

Custom Ported Pontiac V-6 Head

Custom Head Porting

Another view of Custom Head Porting

If you have any questions regarding my work (what I do) and my experience, please call me as I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding how I can meet your needs. You can view what others say about my work at the TESTOMINALS page.

Contact Rich @ 1-702-858-9177 or via email at <> for all your porting and high-performance engine modification needs.

The address is P.O. Box 461371, Leeds Utah 84746.