Rich’s Taylor'd Porting uses and recommends the following products:

We are not a dealer in the strict sense of the word. We can and do provide our customers these products as part of our service.

We are a dealer for VForce Reed Valve systems and use them exclusively for modern and vintage applications.

We can supply Piston and Big Bore kits as well as Con-Rod kits, Gasket Sets and related piece from Wiseco.

We can provide you with Mikuni and Kehin Carburetors for both modern and vintage applications. We can get individual parts, rebuild and jet kits from Sudco as well.

We use, endorce and are a source for Red Line oil and chemical products. Their 2-Stroke premix is among the best in the world.

I have developed CNC Machined, bolt-on Manifolds for the following:

  • Manifolds for Hodaka 100cc & 125cc engines - $180.00/ea.
  • Manifolds for Hodaka SL & ED 250cc engines- $298.00/ea.

I can fabricate reed valve manifolds to add a VForce reed valve system to vintage 2-strokes that did not originally come with reed valves. This is strictly on an hourly rate for pricing and I can only approximate the cost up front. I would need your cylinder, original manifold & carb to design and fabricate the system, including the new manifold.

If you have any questions regarding my work (what I do) and my experience, please call me as I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding how I can meet your needs.

Contact Rich @ 1-702-858-9177 or via email at <> for all your porting and high-performance engine modification needs.

The address is P.O. Box 461371, Leeds Utah 84746.

VForce Reed Valve assembly

Wiseco Piston and Big-Bore Kits

Carb - Jet and Rebuild kits from Sudco

Complete Carburetors from Sudco

We use and endorce Red Line Oil products