Vintage VForce Reed Induction for Vintage 2-Strokes


Along with cylinder porting, intake modifications can improve the ride-ability of your machine as well as improving the power.

Through extensive research in the flow characteristics, I have learned that throttle response and horsepower are increased with the addition of a V-Force3 Reed Valve System from Moto Tassinari.

They have continued to build upon their industry leading design that doubles the reed tip surface of a standard reed valve. With the VForce3 Reed Valve System's less restrictive design, the reed petals only travel half the distance of a standard valve resulting in greater airflow through the entire RPM range and increasing reed petal life. Throttle response and horsepower are increased with the addition of a VForce3 Reed Valve system. Fuel economy is typically better as well, due to the efficiency of a VForce3 Carbon Fiber reed valve system.

No matter if your engine came stock with reed valves or not, I will modify your vintage cylinder intake, so adding the V-Force3 Reed Valve System becomes a simple bolt-on installation that will bring your engine to life, increase horsepower throughout the power-band, sharpen throttle response and boost acceleration.

This is truly one of the best “bang-for-the-buck” modifications that you can make to your vintage 2-stroke motorcycle engine.

I have developed CNC Machined, bolt-on Manifolds for the following:

  • Manifolds for Hodaka 100cc & 125cc engines - $180.00/ea.
  • Manifolds for Hodaka ED 250cc engines- $598.00/ea.

Hodaka 100cc VForce Reed Valve conversion with 28mm carb flange. This is legal in AHRMA 100cc MX class.

Side View of 100cc Reed Valve Block w/28mm carb mount

The 100cc Reed Valve Block w/28mm carb mount bolt together

Hodaka 250 with complete VForce Reed Valve conversion

CNC Machined Reed Block


Complete VForce3 Reed Valve Modification Assembly

I can fabricate reed valve manifolds to add a VForce reed valve system to vintage 2-strokes that did not originally come with reed valves. This is strictly on an hourly rate for pricing and I can only approximate the cost up front. I would need your cylinder, original manifold & carb to design and fabricate the system, including the new manifold.

If you have any questions regarding my work (what I do) and my experience, please call me as I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding how I can meet your needs.

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Please NOTE: While we are a dealer for the entire line of Wiseco Piston and Gasket kits, we do not stock and sell these items on a daily basis. Please call and we can talk about incorporating these items into a packages along with the porting work.

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