Here are pictures of Rich Gagnon's collection of vintage bikes as well as some of of his projects.

Rich's Latest Project: 1978 YAMAHA DT175, which is Fully street legal in Utah

The RG-250

Utilizing a modified Hodaka 175 frame, reed valved 250 motor, a 1985 Honda front end with Disk Brake, a modified 1988 Yamaha YZ-250 swing arm, rear wheel and brake assembly. The FMF pipe from the 1988 YZ-250. The Maico shocks feature remote reservoirs.

The The Hodaka SL-175 Doner bike

The finished, modified frame with the Yamaha 1988 Swingarm.

Note the mounting of the shocks and the placement of remote rservoirs

The Hand fabricated Aluminum Airbox

Engine in the Frame. Modified FMF Pipe from a 1988 YZ-250. Note the mounting tab for the rear brake master cylinder. Also note the modified Head of the engine.

Here is a close-up of the modified head

Here is a close-up of the front forks and disk brake

The Completed bike Ready to Race and WIN!

The RG-125

The Hodaka RG-125. "RG" stands for Rich Gagnon. Rich has built a bike that Hodaka "SHOULD" have built. If Hodaka had stayed in business for a couple more years, we might all be enjoying a very trick Hodaka race bike similar to this, directly from the factory. David Matthew

The RG-125 Features a low profile Clarke Tank, a very rare Swenco swing-arm, Kawasaki front forks and hub, Extensive porting work, topped off with a Harry Taylor pipe and a modified Mikuni Carb.


It looks like a mild mannered Dirt Squirt, right? The Model 97/98 rear shocks, Rocky forks and modified pipe "hint" as to this not being your little sister's play bike. This has a ported and reed valved 125 Wombat engine for motivation. This a vintage dirt-bike version of the "Sleeper" muscle-car.


A nicely "Resto-modded" Hodaka 250-ED "Thunder Dog"

The Hodaka 250-ED "Thunder Dog" was the off-road "Enduro" bike. The white bike just behind it is the Hodaka 250-SL which of course stands for "Street Legal."

And now for something a "little" different.

What in the World?

This is a 1970 Hodaka Super Rat. It has been fully restored by Rich Gagnon. It features a Van-Tech Leading Link front end, along with a Swenco Swingarm. Koni Shocks are mounted front and rear. It also sports a very rare, Webco 125cc big-bore kit on an early Rat bottom end which has been Ported, Reed-valved, with a 32-mm carb breathing through a Uni Filter. The pipe is an aftermarket of unknown origin that Rich had from the 70's. He modified it to fit this application and to work with the porting specs. David Matthew

This is how the project started. The frame and front-end were discovered out in the desert near Las Vegas. It was cleaned, media blasted and nickle plated. A Swenco swingarm was nickle plated to match and mounted in place of the piece of metal posing as a swingarm in this picture.

A close-up of the Webco 125cc big-bore kit on an early Super Rat bottom end. It has been Ported, Reed-valved, with induction via a 32-mm carb. The polished side cover is off and Ace90 motor.

The tank was powder-coated in a two-tone style. The fenders and rims are polished to match the luster of the frame and swingarm.

World Speed record attempt at the Boneville salt flats in 2008.

Greg Watkins of California Hodaka built the motor, which includes porting and reed induction by Rich's Taylored Porting.

Another example of Rich's work. A fully restored Model 72 Super Rat, right? Notice the Webco Head...


Now for some picts of my '57 Chevy Project.

This 57 rides low on an Art Morrison chassis with a 4-link rear end

Note the "through-the-frame" exhaust

The Motor is 383 Stroker (.30 over 350) making about 500 hp.


Now for some picts of the 29 Ford Sedan/Delivery.

I performed all the work myself except for bodywork.

The motor is a 385 Stroker (.40 over 350) and is capable of high 10's in the 1/4 mile

This sedan has about 650 hp and can smoke these big 16-1/2 inch wide meats at will

Speeking of "Smoking the meats", my 500-HP daily driver

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The address is P.O. Box 461371, Leeds Utah 84746.