Rich's Taylor'd Porting offers a complete line of Mikuni and Keihin Carburetors for all applications, weather they be Vintage or Modern - Dirt, Street, ATV, Snowmobile, Watercraft and Shifter-Karts.

Although Rich's Taylor'd Porting does not fancy itself as a master warehouse full of carburetors waighting for your beconed call, Rich knows that his porting and intake mods oftend need just the right carb and/or rebuild/jet kit to make everything come together. In that light, he offers himself as a source for Sudco products.

Typical components of a Jet Kit

Rich can modify your carb with venturi dividers, bore changes and as pictured, even custom make components like this float bowl

This float bowl was custom designed and built by Rich to adress a fuel starvation issue encountered by a land speed record chasing Hodaka motorcycle at the Boneville Salt flats


This custom modification improves the performance of the round slide beyond that of a flat slide up 13/16 throttle openings in the carburetor.

If you have any questions regarding my work (what I do) and my experience, please call me as I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding how I can meet your needs.

Contact Rich @ 1-702-858-9177 or via email at <> for all your porting and high-performance engine modification needs.

The address is P.O. Box 461371, Leeds Utah 84746.


Typical Modern "Flat Slide" Carb

Mikuni VM Round Slide Carb with Venturi Divider Plates


A carb can be modified with venturi dividers, installation of "Intelajet" (pictured with blue tube) and "taper-bore"of the flange/ends for even more power!

Rich is not limited to motorcycle carb modifications

Rich can enlarge primary vevturis in quadrajet carbs

PLEASE NOTE: Rich's Taylor'd Porting DOES NOT recommend Oiled Paper Air Filters. Although testing shows that they flow more air over stock and even more air than some other aftermarket filters, they also flow way too much debris into the engine shortening it's life span measurably. A good oiled foam filter is your best choice for protecting that valuable asset; your engine!