Vintage 2-Stroke Porting Service


Whether you’re into racing motocross or recreational dirtbikes, for maximum performance, 2-Stroke Cylinder Porting from Rich’s Taylor'd Porting puts the “Power” in powersports.

2-Stroke Cylinder porting can improve the ride-ability of your machine as well as improve the power.

No matter if it's a vintage motor or one of today's highly developed two stroke engines, you need experience to improve performance. Modifying the ports to higher power levels requires larger port areas for increased performance. Years porting successful race engines has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the right type of cylinder modifications. I know the correct specs on how to modify intake, transfer and exhaust areas for increased power levels. Combining this knowledge with the equipment needed for generating the best port shapes for maximum power without sacrificing reliability and ride-ability of your machine is one of my areas of expertise.

Powerband Choices: Note that changing port timing and shape in a 2-stroke is in effect like changing cam shaft timing events, intake manifold design, carburetion and the exhaust system in a 4-stroke all in one complex operation. Changing the port shapes increases or decreases the flow, thereby changing the RPM and torque characteristics of the engine. I can (and will) truly taylor the porting working work to meet the specific type of powerband you are looking for. More Low to Mid-Range is ideal for stadium style Supercross, off-road, or novices. More Mid-Range to Top End is ideal for outdoor motocross, especially for intermediate to expert riders.

So with that being understood, I can "taylor" your porting to suit your desired style, whether it be casual trail riding where you just want an increase in mid-range grunt or all out race where higher RPM power is desired or somewhere in-between.

Race Porting For Competition

My Race Porting delivers maximum power for all out competition. Race porting gives you more power in the mid and at higher RPM's than basic trail porting. To accompany Race Porting, the Head should be modified with Torque Grooves to reduce the chance of detonation, thus reducing octane requirements, giving you even more power.

Performance Porting

Over the years I have developed and field tested performance porting specs, which places priority on a wide powerband with a good back up torque. It is recommended that the Head be modified with Torque Grooves to reduce the chance of detonation, thus reducing octane requirements, giving you even more power.

Case Matching

Intake and transfer flow will be improved by matching the transfer passages to the case. This will enhance every portion of the RPM's power delivery from off idle to top end.

I also port and modify Rotary Valve engines as well.

Head Grooving

Heads modified with Torque Grooves improve combustion efficiency thus reducing octane requirements, reducing the chance of detonation in which overall performance is increased.

I have been around motocross since 4-strokes were popular the first time (1968). I started competing and riding on Hodaka dirt bikes in 1970. Wanting that competitive edge in racing fueled my hunger for increasing engine performance. I began seeking how to improve upon what I had and started experimenting with porting. Shortly after I became hooked on bikes, I also became an Automotive performance enthusiast. I attended Automotive Trade school to learn and apply performance enhancing theory into building high-performance engines.

I worked as a high-performance mechanic at Tuckers GM Performance center in Las Vegas for 24 years. All the while, I kept my hands on the grinder, working on bikes, watercraft and automotive cylinder heads.

I have been involved in just about every angle of high-performance there is. I am highly experienced in the dying art of carburetor tuning for small engines as well as automotive, single and multiple carbs both naturally aspirated and Super charged. My passion is for 2-Stroke engines and vintage motorcycles of all makes. I personally collect and restore Hodakas and haul them with a 500 horsepower small block, 1973 chevy truck.

Over the years, I have accumulated porting specs from all sorts of sources like factory racing directives, practical experience, and the one-on-one training by Harry Taylor, a renowned factory Hodaka technician and racer. You might say I'm a bit of a vintage freak and sympathetic to the needs of vintage bike owners like yourselves.

Rich’s Taylored Porting offers all-inclusive porting packages for all types of 2 & 4-stroke engines tailored to your specific needs, used in dirt bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Watercraft and Shifter Karts. I do all the porting myself. I have worked with porting tools since the 1970s, porting countless cylinders and cases.

I have made my reputation on porting to the individual needs and specifications of my customers. I perform all the work myself, no illegal aliens, space aliens, or third world slave labor. It’s just Good'ol, middle-aged, American labor from one of the most experienced tuners in the business, whom still actually rides motocross, dirt bikes and ATV’s.

Heli arc aluminum welding is also a service I offer. This includes case repair services and/or what ever kind of welding needs you have. Call to discuss your welding needs.

If you have any questions regarding my work (what I do) and my experience, please call me as I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding how I can meet your needs.

Please see the Gallery section to see pictures of my collection.

Rich’s Taylor'd Porting uses and recommends VForce Reed Valve assemblies, Mikuni and Keihin Carburetors and rebuild/Jet Kits for same.

Piston and Big-Bore Kits go hand-in-hand with our porting services. We choose Wiseco Pistons Kits as they give you the highest quality racing pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips as well as top-end gaskets all in one affordable package!

Please NOTE: While we are a dealer for the entire line of Wiseco Piston and Gasket kits, we do not stock and sell these items on a daily basis. Please call and we can talk about incorporating these items into a packages along with the porting work.

Please see the Gallery section to see pictures of my motorcycle collection.

RedLine Oil & chemical Products are our choice

Please NOTE: We are a dealer for the entire line of Red-Line lubrication products. We offer "Case Lot" only sales. Please do not call for an indiviual bottle of premix for instance.


Hodaka 250 Cylinder, Showing Intake & Exhaust Porting

Hodaka 250 Cylinder, showing Transfer Porting as well as Boost Porting added

Hodaka 250 Boost Porting added

Honda 250 Cylinder Porting

Hodaka 100 Cylinder, showing Exhaust Porting, Transfer Porting as well as Boost Porting added

Hodaka Case Match-Porting

Intake Porting & Reed Block Adaptors for reedvalve converstions for vingtage engines

Polaris 440 - VForce Reed conversion Porting

Polaris 440 - VForce Reed conversion Piston Mods

Hodaka Piston modified for Reed Valve conversion and Porting

Head modified with Torque Grooves which improves combustion efficiency, reducing the chance of detonation, thus reducing octane requirements and overall performance is increased

PLEASE NOTE: Rich's Taylor'd Porting DOES NOT recommend Oiled Paper Air Filters. Although testing shows that they flow more air over stock and even more air than some other aftermarket filters, they also flow way too much debris into the engine shortening it's life span measurably. A good oiled foam filter is your best choice for protecting that valuable asset; your engine!


RD400 Twin Cylinder, showing Intake & Exhaust Porting, Transfer Porting as well as Case Ports added

Contact Rich @ 1-702-858-9177 or via email at <> for all your porting and high-performance engine modification needs.

The address is P.O. Box 461371, Leeds Utah 84746.